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2023 | Pre-license For Sales Agents | PL201

Brown Group Realty 21 Canal Street Unit 103, Westerly, RI

PL201 Instructor: Bill Fain and Mary Coutu 45 Hours RI School of Real Estate offers the 45 hours in an accelerated class offered over 4 weekends with classes running for 6 hours, from 10 to 4, on Saturdays and Sundays . All books and other class materials are included. We provide the most up to the minute RI Law materials available. We provide you with study aids and many testing opportunities to make sure you are as prepared as possible for taking the state exam. Our instructors are practicing real estate brokers with years of experience in the field and in [...]


3/9/2023 | Contract Law for Licensees

Radisson Hotel Providence Airport 2081 Post Rd, Warwick, RI

CE110-23 | CORE Instructor:  Paul Kuhn/Bill Fain 3 CEH You texted an offer and got a text back with an acceptance... is that an enforceable contract? Learn the fundamentals of contract law in this engaging class! Hear some case law and the rationales behind the decisions...learn how to better protect your clients! $55 value at $0 cost because of KWAOR membership


4-17-2023 | Handling a Hoarding Dilemma

Kent Washington Association of Realtors 2240 S County Trail #3, East Greenwich, RI

CE141 Instructor: Beth Markowski-Roop, Ryan Mason 3 CEH Did you know there are different types of hoards? Experiences in people’s lives can cause reactions that lead to unsafe behavior. Real estate agents will learn how to speak non-threateningly and with empathy during this course to help their client respectfully move through the sales process. Develop ways to communicate with insurance companies, adjusters and management companies.


4-20-2023 | Fair Housing II – Digging Deeper

Kent Washington Association of Realtors 2240 S County Trail #3, East Greenwich, RI

CE138 Instructor: Bill Fain 3 CEH Further Discussions and Case Studies of Fair Housing Issues including Race and Housing: Bias in Real Estate & Marijuana and Real Estate: a Budding Issue. $35 value at $0 cost because of KWAOR membership


4-25-2023 | The Millennial Consumer

CE118-23 Instructor: Deana Bobbin CEH 3: People born between 1980-1998 are millennials and they’re getting into the marketplace. Research has shown them to be hesitant and you need to know why! This course will teach you their knowledge level or lack thereof, emotional drivers and more, based on an extensive national survey.



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